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All Innovation Bank account holders are subject to operating under the Creative Barcode Trust Charter ethical trading terms.

Account holders with access to the Innovation Bank content, view & evaluation of innovation concepts and other trading features are obliged to act responsibly and ethically at all times.

Any transactions between account holders is at your own risk and normal due-diligence is advised

Account holders who place innovation concepts in the Innovation Bank for trading with other account holders would benefit from utilising the Creative Barcode concept protection system. Any account holder who is a Creative Barcode member and applies their barcode to their innovation concept is supported by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

A Proposition Pitch template that enables you to prepare your concept information offline before uploading your text into the online form, can be downloaded here 
This template is provided free of charge by Creative Barcode members and non-members and Innovation Bank account holders. It remains the copyright of Creative Barcode and may not be replicated nor its branding removed.

The template is available, under license, to other organisations who may wish to utilise it in support of their own internal or external innovation programmes. License enquiries to

Public visitors may use the Innovation Bank site and it's Innovation Directory search facilities, view news and download Innovation Reports but must observe the rights holders copyright over any articles, reports and images. Contact details of rights holders are easily accessible and permission based usage must be observed at all times

Any material carrying a barcode is permission based use only and any breach is reffered to World Intellectual Property Organisation who support Creative Barcode members.

All Innovation Bank site data, design, typography, words, icons, brand, logos, images, navigation, user journey, field names and their structure, features and so forth are ©copyright Innovation Bank and may not be copied under any circumstances.

An own-label version of yourcompanyname-Innovation Bank is available under license to any organisation wishing to build their specific community and user base and engage with industry.

This is particularly beneficial for Universities whose staff and students generate innovation concepts, applied research, technology and other commercially valuable materials and new knowledge.

Or for innovation intermediaires, private or public sector, who may benefit from an easy means for their audience to submit propositions for funding, mentoring or other business support programmes.

The Creative Barcode IP authentication, protection and safe-disclosure system may also be included, where relevant, within the own-label versions

All enquiries regards own-label Innovation Banks should be addressed to

We will take seriously any public or private sector organisation that utilises our blueprint business model in any manner without applying for a license. Public domain does not mean right to copy without permission, license or commercial agreement.