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Privacy Policy

Neither Innovation Bank or Creative Barcode sell its account holders or new subscribers data to any third party organisations.

From time to time IB or CB may send you detail of a wholly relevant innovation or IP initiative.

The names of account holders placing innovation concepts within the IB are not revealed. Concept owners can only be contacted through our Expression of Interest facility

Your entry in the Innovation Directory enables contact by email but does not show publically your email address. All emails sent come through to our pending area for approval before being sent on to account holders. Therefore any emails that are obvisouly spam or commercial solicitation are deleted. Only genuine business or media enquiries are approved. 

Account holders are at liberty to place as much information as they desire in their Innovation Directory record or in their Innovation Bank 3 Minute and Proposition Pitch templates. To edit or update information account holders simply login to their admin area. There are no charges for changes at any time. 

All account holder updates arrive into our pending area for review and approval before the account holders record is placed live.

Innovation Bank never passes any content of its account holders to any other party without the account holders express permission.

Account holder retain full Intellectual Property over any information or images they upload to the site.